About West Fifth Avenue


The musicians

Tony Cervone, Leader, Keyboard, Accordion and Trumpet

Roger Gosline, Saxaphone and Vocals

Tom Hannickel, Bass and Vocals

Bruce Turley, Percussion

Brian Hack, Guitar and Vocals

Kathryn Skinner, Vocals 


Our sound

Music is our love – it’s our passion. It’s what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us awake at night. It’s everything from creating a new lick on the guitar to the feeling we get when we know our music is tight and connecting with our audience. Then, there’s our diversity in life experiences and musical backgrounds. That’s what sets us apart from the crowd and helps us create a sound that is familiar, yet fresh and exciting all at the same time. As one band reviewer reported, West Fifth Avenue “moves your inner soul” with music that is “authentic, real and fun to dance to.” 


West Fifth Avenue ...

Terrific live music, where, when and just the way you want it