6 Piece Band


We recommend our 6 piece band for larger events where our customers are looking for the most versatility in our repertoire.  Instrumentation includes sax, bass, drums guitar, keyboards, trumpet, male and female vocals, and accordion.

5 Piece Band


Our 5 piece band is great for all occasions and includes sax, bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, trumpet, vocals and accordion.



Our quartet is perfect for smaller events or more budget minded customers and offers musician options including male or female vocals, sax, bass, drums and keyboards.  



For smaller events where light jazz, pop and some rock and roll are desired, we recommend our trio.  Instrumentation includes sax, keyboards, drums and vocals.

Solo Piano


Often customers are just looking for solo piano for their events.  We can provide this as a part of a package that includes a band or as a stand alone option.  Repertoire includes jazz standards and many popular songs.  

Solo Accordion


An increasingly popular option is solo accordion.  Accordion has the advantage of being portable and versatile.  Repertoire includes jazz and popular standards, Irish, German, Italian and French favorites, and many songs of other nationalities.